Telegram Bot SDK is a framework that can be used to build powerful Telegram Bot's. You can use it as a stand-alone library but even more powerful is to use it with Laravel.

What is new

Now events are capable of two-way communication in our SDK. So events can not only listen but can also modify the data on-fly. This would open door to create different kinds of plugins that are plug and play and that can manipulate data for you.

Some examples: - Logger Plugin for the SDK that log all inbound updates. - Emojify Plugin - Analytics Plugin - Registration / Auth System. - Data Processors for different update types. ... Endless possibilities.

We will have skeleton as well as some of our official plugins which can be used as a reference point for developers, this isn't a priority at this time but it's in our pipeline.

Summary of features: PHP 7.4, Laravel 6 and 7 Support (with its own package with some nice handy artisan commands, webhook setup/controller that just works out of the box), Events, Rewritten Objects and many parts of the SDK. Better Keyboard system, Decoupled API/Non-API methods into separate classes, PSR-12 Code Styling, New Github Issue templates, Simplified Commands system (it's a whole new system that's super easy and yet another stuff that just works, no longer needs param signatures) and so on.